Conquer Every Turn

The all-new ES builds on its strengths with an all-new chassis that allows for more dynamic exterior design, enhanced driving experience as well as the introduction of a luxury hybrid. Innovative measures were taken underneath and on the sides of the ES to help direct airflow smoothly around the body, helping to contribute to fuel efficiency, reduced noise and vibration, enhanced handling and high-speed control. 

The cabin is designed to blend a driver-centric cockpit and adopts Lexus’ new design philosophy of “Seat-in-Control” – that embosses the concept that from the moment a driver steps into the Lexus ES, all controls needed are within reach and the necessary driving information is always in plain view. Passengers are also pampered with expensive accommodations with ambient lighting and class-leading rear legroom reminiscent of a chauffeured sedan. 

The all-new ES not only ushers a new era but also tells another chapter of the Lexus story never told before.