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Sparking anticipation of driving exhilaration at first sight, the wide, low silhouette of the ‘agile and provocative’ design is instantly recognizable as an IS. The large tires and wide arch of the fenders create a bold statement of intent in the ground-hugging profile, the deeply sculpted three-dimensional forms of the body shape an eyecatching allure. Inside the human-centered cabin, the fusion of passion and pleasure in the sporty lines, advanced interfaces and refined comfort stirs the soul.

The IS’s cockpit whets your appetite to drive as soon you get in, the dramatic horizontal sweep from the instrumental panel to the upper door trim conveying a feeling of sporty luxury. The excellent driving position, easy-to-operate steering wheel and pedals, and switches that fall naturally to hand contribute to highly responsive driving

Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler

A carbon fiber rear spoiler adds style while amplifying performance. The spoiler also provides at higher speeds aerodynamic advantages while also decreasing the downforce. 

F-Sport Exterior Body Kit

Unmistakable style meets exhilarating performance - fitted with the F-Sport Exterior Body Kit: Exhaust, Front Bumper, Rear Bumper, Piano Black Radiator Grill, Door Scuff Plates, Rear Spoiler, F-Sport Side Emblem, F-Sport Wheel Caps & F-Sport LED Headlamps.

19-inch Alloy Wheel

The IS F Sport touts an athletic stance that's accentuated by be-spoke 19-inch alloy wheels.


The IS F SPORT channels a passion for sports driving exhilaration and control with exclusive track tested, factory-built refinements. Anticipation spikes with first sight of the signature L-shaped mesh pattern of the spindle grille, RC F-inspired air intakes and exclusive 19-inch wheels, and a range of sports-inspired colors.  


The soul-stirring interior galvanizes the desire to drive, the sporty lines of the human-centered design fusing advanced technology and craftsmanship in the refined features and finishes, fashioning an exceptional experience for drivers and passengers alike. 

Driver & Passenger F Sport Interior Touch

The front sport seats are the product of an innovative 'integrated learning' manufacturing process. They provide a blend of refined comfort with firm support and excellent holding performance for sports driving. 

Remote Touch Interface

An interface designed for simple, smartphone-style operation lets users interact intuitively with the navigation and audio systems on the 10.3-inch EMV or 8-inch touch display. Integrated into the center console, it provides easy control of the systems without disturbing the driving posture and line of sight.

Steering Wheel Controls

Switches integrated in the steering wheel provide quick control of the multimedia systems without taking your hands off the wheel. Its square shape enables easy recognition of top/bottom and left/right operating directions. The metal ornamentation provides a stylish finish.


A selection of sophisticated exterior colors heightens the IS’s provocative style and distinctive identity, powerful expressing the agile driving feel. It is complemented in the cabin by the two-tone color schemes that deepen the feeling of exhilaration.

Eminent White Pearl

Evolving the IS’s ‘fun-to-drive’ DNA, the provocative design signals an aggressive statement of intent. The dramatic stance and sharp sporty lines exude agility and exhilaration, embracing the spacious cabin in a bold form unprecedented in a 4-door sedan.



Touch Screen Enabled 10.3 Inch Display with Remote Touch Pad Control. Premium 10 Speaker Audio System (Pioneer) with Radio, USB x2, AUX.

Customize you dose of adrenaline. Drive Mode Select enables you to makes your IS more responsive or efficient with the simple turn of a dial.

Inside the IS F grade sets itself further apart with F Sport design seats, a digital dashboard with Turbo Boost Guage, G Force Monitor & ECO Indicator. Also fitted with: 

- Driver & Passenger Ventilated F-Sport Design Seats
- Power 8-Way Adjustable Driver & Passenger Seats
- Driver Seat Lumber Support
- Leather F-Sport Power Steering Wheel
- Sport Leather Shift Lever & Knob
- F-Sport Digital Dashboard with Turbo Boost Gauge, G Force Monitor, & ECO Indicator

Park safely with the IS’s rear camera that assists at every angle with front and rear sensors.

The distinctive front stance featuring a sporty, daring spindle girlle, F Sport badges - are destined to get the world's attention. Other sporty touches include:

- F-Sport Accelerator & Brake Pedals
- Front Door F-Sport Scuff Plates
- F-Sport Floor Mats
- F-Sport Exterior Body Kit (Exhaust, Front Bumper, Rear Bumper, Piano Black Radiator Grill, Door Scuff Plates, Rear Spoiler, F-Sport Side Emblem)

The fitted cabin comfort features an auto dual air conditioning unit with air filters, deodorizers, and pollen removal functions. 


    - 2.0-Litre 4 Cylinder Turbo


    - Max Output: 241 HP @ 5,800 RPM


    - Max. Torque: 350 NM @ 1,650-4,400 RPM   


    - 8-Speed-Sport Direct Shift Gearbox with Paddle Shifters


    - Multi Drive Mode Function (Sport, Sport +, Eco, Normal)


    - Adaptive Variable Suspension System


    - 66L Fuel Tank Capacity



At Lexus, we see the communication between driver and car as the essence of sports driving performance. To bring driver and car ever closer together and sharpen the driver’s senses, we combined advanced digital technologies including simulation technologies and the refined sensibilities of Lexus engineers on the development site, to open up new horizons in driving performance and comfort.


The fusion of advanced technology and dedicated craftsmanship in the refined features heightens the feeling of being in sync with the car, deepening the pleasure of every journey.

Lexus Premium Sound

Lexus IS Premium Sound System The high-resolution Premium Sound System 10-speaker system treats occupants to an exceptional audio experience with a dynamic and airy feel with Bluetooth, Radio, USB x2, AUX.

Auto Air Conditioning

The air conditioning system was designed to provide a comfortable ‘fun-to-drive’ environment in all seasons. To optimize individual comfort, temperature settings for the driver and front passenger seats can be set separately. Innovative electrostatic temperature controls in the center console enable quick and intuitive operation with the touch of a finger.

EMV Touch Display

The 10.3-inch touch display enables simple touch operation, with a wide screen that is easy-to-read even when the menu and maps are displayed simultaneously. Ergonomics helps refine the display’s position in front of the driver for easy operation, optimizing the angle and thinness of the unit to minimize intrusion into the driver’s line of sight. The result is an interface that is easy to focus on and enables intuitive fingertip operation, while maintaining forward visibility and a comfortable driving position.


A direct evolution of the groundbreaking design and functionality of the meter in the Lexus LFA, the innovative single dial meter takes center stage with a combination of Lexus sophistication and cutting edge precision.


Sophisticated active and passive safety measures designed to help reduce driver stress and fatigue contribute to greater driving confidence and peace-of-mind, and ultimately to the deepening of driving pleasure.

Smart Rear View Camera and Front & Rear Parking Sensor

To make parking even easier, a smart Rear View Camera and sensors in the front and rear bumper link with an in-car beeper to warn of obstacles in your way. The beeper can be turned off when not required.

Lightweight, High-Rigidity Body

Using thicker plates to enhance chassis rigidity will naturally add weight. To find a better solution IS engineers focused on advanced welding technology, adding 55 fine-pitch spot welding points around the front side members, and adopting laser screw welding and adhesives to achieve high rigidity.

Blind Spot Monitor System

When the quasi-millimeter-wave radars in the rear bumper detect vehicles in adjacent lanes that aren’t visible in the door mirrors, the system activates a warning indicator in the relevant door mirror the moment a vehicle enters this blind spot.

SRS Airbags

The IS features dual-stage SRS airbags (Front seats), SRS knee airbags (Front seats), SRS side airbags (Front and rear seats), and SRS curtain shield airbags (Front and rear door windows).


Every Lexus is backed by a comprehensive manufacturer warranty that should give you kilometers and kilometers of confidence covering either 4 years or 100,000km (whichever occurs first).


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* The SRS airbags are supplemental devices to be used with the seatbelts. The driver and all passengers in the vehicle must wear their seatbelts properly at all times. Never install a rear-facing CRS (Child Restraint System) on the front passenger’s seat. For a forward-facing CRS, it is recommended you use it in the rear seats. Please do not use accessories for the seats which cover the parts where the SRS side airbags should inflate. Such accessories may prevent the SRS side airbags from activating correctly, causing serious injury (Lexus genuine seat covers are specifically designed for models equipped with the SRS side airbags. To find out about availability in your area, please inquire at your local dealer). The photo shows all the SRS airbags activated for display purposes only (the SRS side and curtain shield airbags only inflate on the side of the collision in an actual accident). For details on these and other important safety features, be sure to read the Owner’s Manual carefully.

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