At the core of Lexus’ craftsmanship is a dedication to superior quality to create a masterpiece that awakens all five senses for a truly unforgettable driving experience. Details such as the wood paneling ornamentation, stitching and advanced technological touches require skilled humans and an unwavering obsession to detail.


Shimbumi is a Japanese aesthetic noun that describes a design or object that are both simple and complex; this could mean a subtle beauty that appears simple but includes details or techniques that are complex. Several elements of the Lexus design are inspired by Shimbumi principles to create award-winning designs that envelop the driver and passengers in the utmost hospitality or omotenashi.



Transforming rolls of steel into glimmering Lexus vehicles is a process, which involves both the highest levels of technology working in synergy with the world’s best artisans and craftspeople. The production line is a balance of precise with handcrafted, timeless craftsmanship. 



For centuries in ancient Japan, carpenters have combined sliced, contrasting wood types, textures, and colors to make thin sashimi-like wood layers. This wood mosaic, known as yosegi  is used in traditional Japanese décor pieces or furniture. During this process, ordinary wood is transformed to an exotic, high-contrast wood reminiscent of rare zebrawood (African Zebrano). Although the final result is beautiful – the manufacturing process, highly dependent on human craft and hands takes 67 steps stretched throughout 38 days.

Remarkable craftsmanship meets Japanese traditional artistry and cutting-edge technology transform natural wood into the wheel trim and door ornamentation, each panel featuring its own unique, beautiful pattern.



Throughout the Lexus cabin, elegant stitch work running along the instrument panel and gauges are deceptively simple. Stitching work for Lexus requires the utmost skill from craftspeople who have passed a ten-step program at the stitching dojo. Passing the course is so difficult that only twelve persons at the Miyata plant located in Kyushu, Japan have been entrusted within this work because each stitch must be precisely done every time.



Under the leadership of Mr. Akio Toyoda (Lexus International, Chief Branding Officer and Master Driver | President, Toyota Motor Corporation) – the LFA super car was created as the ultimate race car. Specifically, for the LFA production, Lexus engineers needed an unusually high percentage of lightweight, rigid materials, namely carbon fiber but the weaving technology necessary was not yet used in the automotive industry. Lexus engineers created a special carbon fiber loom to weave the circular carbon-fiber stitch that was eventually integrated in the LFA’s pillar. This ensured a three-dimensional braid of threads composed of 24,000 filaments of carbon fiber, each fiber one tenth the width of the human hair. The loom is extraordinary and a feat for Lexus, especially as the in-house technology could be integrated for future models.



The process of developing and applying a multi-layer, deep luster paint of a Lexus model is created with a combination of art and science to achieve the perfect, multi-dimensional color. Lexus rigorously refined its painting and sanding techniques to create gleaming smooth surfaces that shine with rich, luminescent and color. Lexus craftsmen painstakingly apply five coats, which are baked four times. Takumi has his team use their superhuman senses in combination with a number of specific lighting system to ensure that absolutely no mark goes unnoticed. The paint inspection line is a tunnel that spans across a total of 90 meters long. At one stage of this paint inspection, even blue, red and green lights are used – as different flaws appear in different colored lights.



Across the Lexus range no detail is left beneath the level of perfection – and every aspect come together to create a masterpiece. This unwavering obsession to detail is evident year after year as Lexus tops the international quality award lists for best vehicles in their class.