Takumi is a Japanese word for “artisan” and it is also the term given to Lexus Craftsmen, the highest level at engineering staff at the Lexus plants globally. Takumi craftsmen bring car-making to a whole new level, achieving a rare combination of precision, craft and innovation.


Each Takumi holds a minimum of a quarter of a century of experience, during when a deep dedication to their craft was fostered. Each Takumi is responsible for overseeing their specialty of the manufacturing process. After thousands of hours, the Lexus Takumi craftsmen develop superhuman senses, with many being able to detect sights or sounds unattained by the untrained eye or ear. In addition, their sense of touch beneath their pristine white gloves detect the smallest of imperfections and ensure zero deviations. With such expertise, the influence of the Lexus Takumi craftsmen is great, for example, among 7,700 workers at the Miyata Lexus Plant in Kyushi, Japan – there are only nineteen Takumi craftsmen.

Takumi Master

In Japan, you are not considered a master of your craft until you have sent 60,000 hours refining your skills, which is the equivalent of working 8-hour shifts, 250 days a year for thirty years.

Tradition with Modern Technique

Lexus Takumi craftsmen are committed to their craft and blend traditional Japanese artistry with modern techniques.

Japanese Tradition

Takumi is an ancient Japanese tradition that expresses the essence of artisan craftsmanship.



On the factory floor, the Takumi craftsmen are tasked with meticulously inspecting and ensuring absolute perfection and quality in their manufacturing specialty. They are also responsible for training subordinate technicians and devise strategies to ensure that the lines continuously run smoothly. Together the Takumi craftsmen play the ultimate role of delivering the unparalleled attention to detail, craftsmanship and quality present in every Lexus vehicle.

Highest Honor


The Takumi Lexus craftsmen expertise and hand movements are digitized and replicated for robots and automated functions. One such example is the replication of the master Takumi painter. Engineers painstakingly mapped the sweeping arm motions done by the Takumi painter as he spray paints a panel to be replicated by robots. As much as engineers try to absorb the Takumi expertise, the knowledge of these craftsmen – robots and automation cannot substitute the Takumi craftsmen influence on the factory floor.

Takumi Hands

Transcending robots or the digital age, the Takumi hands are their most effective tools.

Superhuman Touch

Under pristine white gloves, their fingertips can fell for the minute irregularity or flaws achievements. 


Lexus Takumi craftsmen work to ensure that Lexus vehicles are remarkable aesthetic masterpieces.

Attaining Excellence


After years of practice, the Lexus Takumi craftsmen senses mature into superhuman senses. These cultivated senses can allow them to craft a Lexus beyond any artificial intelligence or robot. Examples of superhuman senses include a sense of touch that detects microscopic imperfections in body panels, tuning engines with surgical precision using only their enhanced hearing, and able to see flaws in the paintwork not visible to the untrained eye.


The regular routine of hiding marks, “Guerilla Testing” to test the skills of the team finding irregularities – is only one example of how Lexus craftsmen constantly test their skills. Every Takumi craftsmen team must learn the techniques is to identify the tiniest imperfection.


With unparalleled skill, the Takumi craftsmen conserve Lexus traditions, while fostering innovation, passing on valuable expertise to technicians and together ensure that every aspect of a Lexus vehicle has the highest level of craftsmanship and quality.